When the road of your business

leads to the development of a mobile application ... Meuno is with you.

What makes us different?

MEUNO provides an array of benefits to your mobile developments


Real solutions for real APP projects

  • We guarantee in writing that your app is an intuitive and a functional experience.
  • Exclusive, personalized attention from the begining of the Project to the end, following SCRUM methodology.
  • Save time and money, everything is posible with MEUNO.
  • COMPLETE SUCCESS OF YOUR APP with innovative ideas from MEUNO.
  • The latest in digital marketing, code and APIs.
  • Continuous post-sale, FREE recommendations to keep YOUR APP up to date.
  • With MEUNO, you win a primary technological partner for the success of your company or business.

Our service offer

MEUNO offers mobile application development services for all kinds of customers, whether it is a personal project, a corporation, a business of any size or government. The features on your app are endless, for iOS (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch), Android ( Smartphones, Tablets and SmartWatch) and Web (PHP, .NET, Java, etc.), These are some of the integration features that can be present in YOUR APP:

Tailor made APPS

Multiple WEB/APP activities

Augmented Reality (real world environment with computer animated elements)

At MEUNO we are always up to date with the latest in technology to offer you a quality APP that is functional and innovative.

Fast and powerful APPS

Real time monitoring.

Video and photographic evidence.

Everything that you can imagine, MEUNO can make it a reality.

APPS to make you the leader in your market

We help you to SUCCEED in the APP Stores and with online payments.

Software migration from PC to APP.

Conquer the new mobile era and enter a more promising future.

Dedication in every APP for your success

Control and security access from your APP.

Metrics and personalized reports in real time on your APP.

Manage the benefits of the information in your power.

We have happy and satisfied customers

Tracking of persons or vehicles with GPS.

Real time and activity reports. The control of your company at the reach of your hands.

We revolutionize the industry with innovative controls from a smartphone in combination with the most advanced hardware.

Amazing APPS in every device

Questionnaires and surveys from a Smartphone activated by text, QR or via web.

And more… choosing MEUNO is your BEST decision.

Auditoria de APPS

At MEUNO we certify through an audit, aspects on security, functionality and client/user experience in your app.


Is your APP safe and functional (UI/UX)?

At MEUNO we have a specialized area in:

APP/Web Functionality and client/user experience (UI/UX) auditing.

Security in the transference of data and code through your app. Protect your customer’s information.

Statistical reports on the performance of your APP such as, frequency of use and most clicked features. We help you achieve your goals based on the statistics generated online.

MEUNOCARE: We revise your APP code and APIs continuously to keep your APP always up to date.

We provide you with a detailed report of the opportunity areas of your APP based on the best IT practices to ensure security on your transactions and an intuitive experience for the user.

(Audits are performed under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.)


Trusted, certified tools.

These are the tools we use to produce powerful applications.

Lets make your app a success!

As you have reached this point, you are now ready to grow your company. We can help you with the following: